Camping Safety Tips for Everyone

Going on a camp is the closest thing you can get to Mother Nature. As long as it is done the right way, it is a pleasurable way to enjoy the wonders of nature up close. Here are some safety tips from my friend who runs a Garage Door Repair Little Rock company and loves to camp in his free time. Make sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your safety, as well as of your companions.

1. Stick together- Most camp-related disasters happen when someone goes at it alone, or someone strays away from the group. As a rule of thumb, it is important that all members of a camping team should stick together for the duration of the trip. Whether you are at base camp or while on the move, make sure to take account of the presence of each member of the team. Each member should be responsible for the well-being of everyone in the camp.

2. Avoid unnecessary play- While playing around will always be part of any camp, unnecessary play can get you and members of your team into trouble. While the waters at the riverside look enticing, do not swim there, as you’ll never know the conditions present in the water or if there are creatures lurking there. Also, avoid horseplay as it can cause injuries to members of your team. Avoid risky behavior and discourage anyone who wants to do anything unnecessarily dangerous.

3. Wear the right clothing- Wearing the right clothes is a must for any camping adventure. You got to wear garments that are appropriate for the weather conditions present in the camp or trail. Ideally, wear clothes that are light-colored and/or reflective so you can easily be spotted. Also, wear footwear that provides adequate multi-terrain traction and sufficient foot protection. Lastly, avoid wearing clothes that unnecessarily restrict your movements.

4. Apply skin protection whenever necessary- Protecting your skin is necessary to improve your odds of surviving your trip scot-free. Sunblock is one necessity you cannot miss out on. Use sunblock with as high an SPF rating as possible to ensure that your skin stays protected against highly damaging UV rays. You can also use repellants to protect yourself from bugs and insects that are either parasitic or carry diseases. It is best to stay protected than be sorry later.

5. Expect the unexpected- When you are outdoors, it is important to expect the unexpected. Stay prepared for unexpected situations such as extreme weather, injuries or illness to members of your group, or intruders. Bring along a first aid kit, extra food and water, and some tools. Also bring along flashlights, extra batteries, and maps and/or GPS devices. Lastly, before leaving for a camping trip, make sure to inform someone close to you about your whereabouts.

Those are just some safety tips anyone can use if you are preparing to have a camping trip. While these tips are not 100% fail-proof, they will at least reduce your risk of running into trouble, and improve your odds of surviving if trouble does arise.

Travel mistakes that tourists are making

You are looking forward to your first tour to another country. This can be a holiday or going with a tour group. Something that you might want to know is the travel mistakes that tourists are making when they are traveling. This will make it easier for you to know how you can avoid these mistakes and that will ensure that you are getting the best experience possible. These are the top mistakes that tourists are making when traveling abroad.

Thinking that they will look for accommodation when arriving in the country

Many tourists are making the mistake that they think that they are going to look for accommodation when they arrive in the country. Then they can see what accommodation options are going to be the best for them. And, then to book the room for the time that you are planning to stay in the country.

The chance that you will not find the right accommodation is always a possibility. There are popular destinations where accommodation is really limited. And, this can cause you to struggle to find decent accommodation. And, you might be so tired after the flight, that the last thing that you want is to go from hotel to hotel in search for available accommodation.

Not doing research about the country before the trip

Different countries have different rules and regulations. And, if you don’t do research beforehand, you might not know what you are allowed to do and what not. This is especially important when you aren’t sure about the dress code that the country has.

You want to make sure that you are enjoying your holiday. Not be worried about the things that you might do wrong while you are there. The more research you are doing, the better.

Not making any copies of your essential documents and credit cards

One of the biggest mistakes a tourist can make. To think that they don’t need to make any copies of their essential information. What are you going to do when someone steals your personal belongings which include your passport and your credit cards? With copies, you will be able to continue with your travels and worry about what you should do about the stolen documents later.

In order to have a great holiday abroad, you need to know the mistakes that other tourists have made. This will ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes. And, then you will have the best holiday ever. …


Father’s Day is a celebration recognizing fathers and celebrating fatherhood, the influence of fathers in society and paternal bonds. Show your dad your appreciation this June and make it a memorable Father’s day by heading to Miami. Use this list to create the perfect Father’s Day for your dad, and take advantage of the unique activities only Miami can offer.

Go Fishing

The Blackpoint Marina is the excellent treat on Father’s Day that includes a large picnic pavilion and grill, dockside restaurant and bar, jogging trail and bikeways and a lot more. If you are fortunate, you will get a chance to catch a tarpon, snook, and bonefish among many other saltwater species.

Tour Miami Breweries

Choose to tour Wynwood Brewing Company, it is home to a wealth of excellent variety of craft beers, and even a smores tasting beer, serving a bubbly beer that’s perfect for the dad who wants a cool and tall one. Or you can visit Veza Sur Brewing Company and taste their traditional mango beer and the Guava sour “Shooting the Moon” beer cocktail, or sit back and relax in one of the best Miami beer pubs and buy him a beer or two.

Go to the Green

If your dad loves to golf, there are lots of opportunities for treating him to a day on the green. Select Miami’s municipals, of which there are four 18-hole courses and a couple of pretty good short courses, and try the Country Club,  Greynolds Golf Course or Crandon Golf.

Kings Bowl Doral

Bowling in this location is an activity the whole family can enjoy on Father’s Day. Kings Bowl has all kind of lane packages and dine-then-bowl bookings available. Crowds of ten or more people can enjoy family-style supper before hitting the lanes.

Miami Exotic Auto Racing

If your dad is car enthusiasts, then take him to experience Miami Exotic Auto Racing. With the aid of a professional who will be there to provide one-on-one instructions, your dad can select and ride the elite sports cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, Ferrari F430, or Ferrari GT.

Treat Him to a Fabulous Restaurant

Most exceptional diners in Miami can be a bit expensive, but spoiling your dad to a fabulous Father’s Day meal is a perfect excuse to blow the budget. Show your gratitude by taking the apron off your father, and turn off the barbecue, and treat him at any of these dad-friendly eateries, for example, Jaya at The Setai, GreenStreet Cafe,  Mondrian South Beach, Juvia and many more.


June 21st is Father’s Day and is a great day to spoil your dad. It is the time to start and think of exciting activities for celebrating your father on his special day whether it is your father, grandfather, or other special dad-like guys in your life; Miami is full of fantastic options.